Yesterday evening just as the sun was setting, I was watching this tricolored heron fishing in the salt marsh among the oyster beds. He was having excellent success, catching the typical small minnows that they like so much, one here and one there as he waded along at low tide. But the little tri really hit the jackpot on one of his last attempts…he came up with three fish on one strike at the water! I have seen them catch two at once but never three. He looked quite satisfied and happy with himself as help gulped down the trifecta! 

Tricolored Heron Fishing at Sunset

Tricolored Heron Fishing at Sunset

Tricolored Heron Fishing at Sunset

Tricolored Heron Fishing at Sunset

53 thoughts on “Jackpot!

  1. Beautiful bronzey (is that a word?) lighting. Quite the catch for this guy!

    I was nominated for the Liebster award (blogs with under 200 followers). I don’t know how many followers your blog has, but could not resist nominating you. Could be an erroneous nomination. It’s the thought which counts! 🙂 This is a beautiful, and educational, blog. Really brings perspective to what can be feel like a tiny little world some days by opening one’s eyes to what’s out there.

    (No worries if awards are not appealing, along with the assigned tasks for picking up same…can’t blame you there!)

  2. One of my favourite birds, thanks to you, Phil – such beautiful light and the reflections ……..! You are SUCH a clever man!

    • I always hope to have nice evening light coincide with low tide in the salt marsh, doesn’t always work out and I only get a few chances every month.
      That tri is being a show off catching three at once. 🙂

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