Evening Meal

Earlier this week I was watching this cormorant fishing in the salt marsh. At one point he snagged himself a nice fish and after a brief struggle he gulped down his dinner. Once he was done fishing, the cormorant hopped out of the water in front of me to start drying off his wings. 

Cormorant Fishing in the Salt Marsh

Cormorant Fishing in the Salt Marsh

Cormorant Fishing in the Salt Marsh

Cormorant Fishing in the Salt Marsh

Cormorant Fishing in the Salt Marsh

53 thoughts on “Evening Meal

  1. I see the beautiful fish and think of a fine dinner with wine and conversation . . . but that’s just not what it’s about for a cormorant! Great photos, as always. Was it as much fun to photograph sports as it seems to be for you to take pictures of birds and gators?!?

    • Sa far as this cormorant was concerned, this is fine dining at it’s best. 🙂
      I believe I enjoy photographing the birds and alligators more then people and sports.

  2. I love watching cormorants. One catches something good and the fight starts as others try to steal it. They are great entertainment and fun to photograph. Nice sequence, Phil.

    • This guy was lucky he was the only cormorant in that area so he had no worries. There was an egret and great blue heron nearby but they are so busy watching each other the cormorant gets to fish peacefully.

  3. Your avian fishing shots are always fun and give me much better views that I ever see myself despite being around birds whenever I can. He does look all fluffed up and satisfied in that last image.

    • Thanks for the kind words and glad you like these. Yes he very likely was quite satisfied at the end, I saw him catch a few nice fish which filled him up a bit I’m sure.

    • I’m glad you like these Emily! I often have a tough time with the cormorants because they not only eat very fast, they usually turn their backs on me when swallowing the fish and I don’t get to even see it.

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