Morning Hunt

This morning I was surprised to see an alligator over in a section of the salt marsh where I don’t normally see them. This one was apparently on the hunt for something a little different because I saw him come up with some odd looking crab that had translucent legs. Maybe the alligator was in the mood for something exotic and figured if it hunted in a new location it would possibly find some new food…and this one sure did! 

Alligator with Crab in Salt Marsh

Alligator with Crab in Salt Marsh

Alligator with Crab in Salt Marsh

Alligator with Crab in Salt Marsh

Alligator with Crab in Salt Marsh

Alligator with Crab in Salt Marsh


60 thoughts on “Morning Hunt

    • I’ve been trying to arrange for the mobile dental clinic to set up a day to come by to give them all nice teeth cleanings but so far they are not going for it. 😕 I guess they are just busy.

    • They almost always look smug is you ask me. Or they have this look like they really know something you don’t. It occasionally concerns me that they may be right about that.

  1. Incredible!!! wow you really captured this alligator superbly.The images are so sharp, I love the water running out of the mouth, the entire series is just great. Love all of them well done.
    cheers Callie

  2. Well, we all like to try a new restaurant from time to time! Great pictures yet again -no wonder you won the depreview photo contest – congratulations, Phil!

  3. Great shots! Regarding the crab, I’d be willing to bet it was either a juvi, or maybe had recently molted. I do believe crabs molt on a periodic basis in order to grow larger, and their new carapace has to harden each time. I wouldn’t be surprised if the new carapace was soft and tranclucent early on…making them a tasty, and easy to chew/swallow morsel for a croc! 🙂

    • I believe you are correct about that. I do not normally see crabs in that state, just the regular hard shell.
      I bet our pal Mr. Gator here really enjoyed his snack though. 🙂

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