Scenes From The Marsh

It was a real hot one over at the marsh pond yesterday, but that didn’t mean the wildlife could stay inside and keep cool. Many of the local residents were out earning a living as usual despite the heat. The anhinga was flipping fish in the air as it normally does, and a great blue heron was busy plucking out his dinner since take away service is not available at the marsh. A juvenile white ibis was in a hurry to catch up to his friends that had all decided they needed to immediately move to the other side of the pond. And Mr. Gator seemed to be the coolest of them all (well isn’t he always?!) by relaxing in the water and watching everyone else rush around like crazy. Just another day in marsh world. 

Anhinga Fishing in the Evening

GBH Fishing in Evening Light

Juvie Ibis Flight Over the Marsh Pond

Gator Floating in Marsh Pond

36 thoughts on “Scenes From The Marsh

    • Ok good idea, lets call it ‘art’ Even better intentionally arty. I won’t mention anything about how I had my settings a bit off and this was the result. 😉
      I once had a newspaper editor that would often suggest I “get something a little arty”. I always wondered who this ‘Little Arty’ guy was. 🙂

  1. For a moment here it looked like we might have a bit of summer, but now we’re back to drizzly cool. Perhaps your friends could come over and cool off. I wouldn’t mind having them pose for me. 😀

    • It’s 95F in the shade here today with a heat index of over 100. The gators are just going to have to get along without me, I’m staying in the AC with a movie. I miiiight go over tonight if it cools down to a frosty 90F later.

  2. Live action fishing scenes! How terrifying it must be for the fish – swimming around one minute, engulfed by an anhinga, the next, then flung into the air wondering, wishing, hoping … to end up head first down your tormentor’s gullet – not to mention being speared by a great blue (stunning shot, by the way!). Tremendous day out at the marsh, thank you. 🙂

    • Thanks glad you liked these pics!
      Yes Mr. Gator looks quite relaxed and the birds probably thought he looked full too because they were fishing practically right next to him.

    • I was out this morning and it got hot, I was dizzy by the time I left. I got some anhinga pics but nothing earth shattering. Forgot my water too.
      Thanks for checking these out Emily!

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