Morning Activity

So…the rain of the past few days has blown by and it’s once again a beautiful day here so I thought I would head out this morning to see if I could track down our visiting spoonbills. Well, I hope the inclement weather has not upset them because I saw no spoonies. Zero. Their wood stork pals who they often hang around with were everywhere but no sign of the pink goofballs.

So making do with what I did see, here is an anhinga fishing and big bubba giving me a bit of an attitude from the side of the marsh. I plan to check back later this evening and hope I can spot some spoonies…

Anhinga Morning Fishing

You Talkin To Me

41 thoughts on “Morning Activity

  1. Unbelievable shots, are you laying down looking in the eyes of the croc or alligator??? The fish and bird shot is so sharp, to see the eyes in the fish so clearly is excellent shooting.A big wow!!!
    cheers Callie

  2. Mr. A. is waiting just like you, huh? Let’s hope that the spoonies come back. Maybe they’re doing a swimming course? 😛

    • Mr. A was waiting for only a brief time,then he got up and walked right up to me. I got out of his way though. 🙂
      Those spoonies are off somewhere, I went to look for them again and didn’t see them.

    • No I only use the special Word Press ‘Spoonbill Pink’ text color for posts about them. I threatened a gator today with changing over his text color to pink and he growled at me. Guess I’ll leave it as it is with those wacky alligators.

  3. I could not believe that first photograph – what was captured. If fish can look surprised, this one does. And the anhinga … well ….

    Wishing a Happy 4th to Mr. A. While he looks like he might need braces up top there, that is an (overused word alert) AWESOME photograph of him! 🙂

    Hope the spoonbills show.

    • Thanks so much for all your kind comment, it’s greatly appreciated!
      Mr. A was probably making all sorts of fireworks out there last night, but I stayed away. 🙂
      Looks like the spoonbills have left the area entirely. 😦

  4. That is a real glare, Phil! He certainly isn’t wishing you Happy Independence Day, is he?! Anyway, Happy Independence Day from Lucy and me!

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