Exploding Ibis

What initially caught my attention about this ibis in the salt marsh Wednesday evening was it’s especially bright reddish/orange face and legs. The adult white ibis will get a red face and legs but not normally this red. I was watching it cruise around picking up small crabs and knocking them back like popcorn when it suddenlyΒ stepped off the mud, into the water and practically exploded! Actually they will do aΒ feather fluff up on occasion as part of their preening ritual, but this ibis really got a bit extreme!

Exploding Ibis

Exploding Ibis

Exploding Ibis

Exploding Ibis

Exploding Ibis

41 thoughts on “Exploding Ibis

  1. When I saw the title in my email I was afraid it would be like Mr. Creosote.

    Maybe the water just gave the Ibis a chill. πŸ™‚ Watching nature is never dull and always full of surprises like the extreme red here.
    Nice study of this red-faced chap, Phil.

    • Sometimes when they suddenly jump, flap their wings and even fluff up I think they could have just stepped on a crab.
      This ibis had the brightest red face I have ever seen on one of these birds!

  2. What beauty. The white and red colors against the blue water is wonderful. Strange that they are getting the red breeding colors now. Your photos of this gorgeous bird blow me away!

  3. I think these are some of my favourite photos from you Phil. I’d love you to come over to the Bird Photography community on Google + (I’m a Moderator) and post some of these. Gorgeous. I wonder if the coloration is affected by food source as it is in flamingoes.

    • I’m very pleased you enjoyed these photos Andrew, thanks very much. I will have to check out that Google+ group.
      I know a lot of shrimp can make the spoonies a brighter pink and the ibis do eat some shrimp, but I really think this one was an extreme variation. That red face jumped out from a distance.

  4. Didn’t he know, that everybody must wash his hands and Face before eating? πŸ˜›

    Nice photos, Phil, very nice and very colourful! β–²

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