Evening Flight

Last night I was watching this great blue heron that had been standing along the edge of the salt marsh preening. Once he stopped, looked up, and got that ‘look’ I figured he was thinking about leaving…and that’s when I got these shots as he flew across the marsh.

Great Blue Heron at Edge of Marsh

Great Blue Heron Evening Flight

Great Blue Heron Evening Flight

Great Blue Heron Evening Flight

Great Blue Heron Evening Flight

64 thoughts on “Evening Flight

  1. this is why I don’t take pictures of herons, although the water behind my cottage is full of them… one flies low over the lake right in my eye lines as I write (just to mock me)

    oh boy, there he goes, another pass back in the other direction


    I leave herons to those of you who speak fluent heron with your lens, just as I leave screenwriting to Aaron Sorkin and things made from chocolate to the Swiss

    (hope you feel the compliment in all that)

    • Thank you very much for looking and commenting and I greatly appreciate your compliments! The great blue heron is my favorite bird and I enjoy watching and photographing them quite a bit.

  2. Great shot of the first one, he looks so dignified! The sparkling water droplets of the second one is breathtaking sight! then, a perfect takeoff! He knew he was awesome 🙂 Thank you, Phil!

    • I truly appreciate your very kind comments Amy and so glad you liked these GBH photos!
      I often believe these birds think quite highly of themselves and well they should! 😀

    • Thanks a bunch Deb, I’m happy you liked these! I don’t think this bird was particularly bothered by me watching him, it was close to high tide and the water above their preferred wading depth so I knew he would not stick around long. I should be able to get flight shots if I just waited a bit.

    • These guys are my favorite bird and I never get tired of watching and photographing them.
      Glad you asked about Mr. A. Here he is, over on the pond side enjoying the sunset. I took this photo about 15 mins. after the heron. 🙂 They also showed this on the 11pm TV news.

  3. Oh wow, spectacular shots of that handsome bird – and added to that, the fantastical magical light! What an evening it was Phil. They’re all fantastic captures (of course, what we expect from Mr. Lanoue!), but I adore the second, with the little spray of water arching up from where the heron’s toes brushed the surface, taking off. 🙂

  4. I love the first one. He might as well be saying ‘Aren’t I gorgeous?’ I’m sure I’ve said before they look like Concorde. Perhaps the aeroplane designers were ornithologists? Lovely series of him soaring into flight.

    • I often believe these herons think quite highly of themselves and well they should, they are impressive birds.
      Thanks very much for checking these out and glad you enjoyed them!

  5. I love each and every one of these; the detail of the droplets as he flies, the fantastic green of the grass in the background, that gorgeous closeup. Such a beautiful bird!

    • These are probably my favorite bird, I never get tired of watching and photographing the great blues.
      Thanks very much Steve I really appreciate your kind comments.

  6. What else can I say but join the chorus of compliments on these awesome shots. Your commentary reinforces that basic lesson that it’s so easy to forget–know your subject (and hope they act and react in predictable ways).

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