Black Skimmer

This morning in the marsh pond we had a black skimmer show up and make a couple of passes through the water before heading back toward the ocean. You can see a pair of egrets in the background in the first photo. In the last photo, the water under the bird is bubbling up and almost looks like it’s boiling. Actually, it’s all the fish swimming and jumping in a panic when they see the skimmer flying over them!

Morning Skimmer in the Marsh Pond

Morning Skimmer in the Marsh Pond

Morning Skimmer in the Marsh Pond

43 thoughts on “Black Skimmer

    • Thanks a lot Steve, glad you like that first shot, it was actually the first shot I took this morning of the skimmer as soon as it showed up. Didn’t realize I had it until later. And yes those are egret sin the background and the small blue blob is an adult little blue heron.

  1. Thank you so much Mr. Lanoue,
    Now that I am back home after visiting Huntington Beach SP, I can relieve it the joys of the park
    with your pictures!! lynn

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