Up From The Marsh

Early this morning we noticed Mr. Alligator sneaking his way through the reeds in the salt marsh. He didn’t appear to be hunting for food so we suspected he had likely been out there all night and was ready to get out of the salt water and back to his pond.

This would require slogging across the mud at low tide, then climbing up the bank to make his way over to the pond. So that’s exactly what our gator friend did… and after all the hard work of crunching up through the dried reeds, he rested his chin for a bit before taking a slow stroll to the pond where a nap in the sun was most probably his plan. 

Mr Alligator

Mr Alligator

Mr Alligator

Mr Alligator

Mr Alligator

Mr Alligator

Mr Alligator

Mr Alligator

Mr Alligator

36 thoughts on “Up From The Marsh

    • Thanks glad you liked these. About two years ago my wife and I were standing at the edge of the swamp peering toward the water when I suddenly had the feeling I should look behind me. A large alligator had climbed up the bank out of the marsh and was walking right toward us only feet away. You would think it would make a heck of a racket busting up out of the brush, but it never made a sound.

  1. This is quite the lifestyle these folks are living, Phil. Some people pay a fortune for one of these mudbaths. It does have to be quite an effort to carry that bulky torso around on those dainty little tootsies.

    • Yes this big guys are not so much made for walking as they are sneaking up on prey from under the water in stealth mode. But…I have seen them run, and I mean run. So ya never know.

    • I think slogging through mud takes quite a lot of effort for the big boy, and they would prefer to swim I’m sure. But if one wants to branch out and start a new adventure then it requires a walk.
      Oh, and they pretty much live wherever they want. 🙂

  2. I am in love with those little stumpy legs, he’s built like a dachsund really except bigger isn’t he? Looking at him on your photos you can’t imagine that they can move quickly enough to chomp anything in those rather large jaws.

    That shot of the little foot stepping out (third from the last) is great, as are all the smiley ones. Although there is a glint in the eyes that says something else.

    • I never thought of the dachshund comparison before but I like it, that’s pretty funny. They do have sort of stubby little legs but on the other hand I have seen them run, and I mean run. So there is that to consider.
      He does get that smiley look at the end but yes there is always that glint in the eye that does indeed cause you to believe they have, well, thoughts. 🙂

  3. Looks like it takes some effort and energy for him to get there. He looks content though, and ready to relax. He always makes me smile – because he is smiling!

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