Too Early For Shrimp?

Early this morning a group of snowy egrets were all excited about snatching up shrimp that seemed to be all over the place in the marsh pond. Each time a snowy got a shrimp it would fluff up it’s head feathers and flap around like crazy. Now normally snowys are totally incapable of staying out of each other’s business and feel compelled to make a huge fuss out of any activity that takes place. But in this case even when one got a shrimp and went into the whole routine, the others basically ignored the display and continued on searching for a shrimp of their own.

Oh, and I don’t want our pal Mr. A to feel left out so I promised him some screen time for today. I like to stay on his good side as much as possible which is why I grabbed a shot of him when he did his glide by this morning. 🙂 

Snowys Feeding On Shrimp

Snowys Feeding On Shrimp

Snowys Feeding On Shrimp

Mister Alligator in Marsh Pond

42 thoughts on “Too Early For Shrimp?

  1. Love the feather sprays. Quite the “crowers” about their catches, eh? Light on water with Mr. A is beautiful. I was hoping to see him soon, so glad you put a shot of him in today.

  2. Whether buddy Mr. A. also makes such a party, if he catches a shrimp? He coughs probably only briefly? 😛

    The snowy egrets are very cute! ▲

  3. These birds are beautiful but to me they do look completely, well, … wacko. And by the look on Mr. A’s face, he seems to think : ” show-offs “. 🙂
    Great photo’s, Phil, as always.

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