Count The Alligators

This morning I was quite surprised to see a good size group of alligators all enjoying a quiet nap together. I don’t normally see alligators getting along with each other all that well, and I certainly don’t normally see a large group practically laying on top of one another with no huge arguments breaking out!

I watched them for almost an hour and they would move around a bit, stretch and lift up their heads on occasion, and that was the extent of the activity. They all pretty much stayed in their designated spot the entire time until one finally decided it was too crowded and felt the need to leave the group. Naturally the only way you can do that is to rudely walk right across your friend’s back.

So how many alligators can you count? 

Large Group of Alligators

Large Group of Alligators

Large Group of Alligators

Large Group of Alligators

Large Group of Alligators

Large Group of Alligators

45 thoughts on “Count The Alligators

  1. I think I see 8, but not sure. This reminds me of a series of coffee mugs I had in the 70’s with different animals all intertwined like a ball of salamanders in their mating ritual. We still have a couple and they are still x-rated.
    These are all cool, Phil. Jaws agape in some. The last is my favorite…what interesting behavior.

    • You are close Steve, there are 7.
      Hey I had some of those coffee cups too! Might still have one or two in a box somewhere.
      Thanks for checking these out and glad you liked them!

  2. Separating all the body parts and then figuring what belongs to who(m?) is too much of a challenge this early. Looks to me like you’re hoarding all the alligators. No wonder I don’t get to have any. 😉

  3. Haha, I don’t need to guess as I have read the answer. They reminded me of basking seals actually. Both their personal position and proximity to each other. Great shots for us gator addicts 🙂

    • Oooo you read ahead and spotted the correct answer 😯
      Well I’m very happy I was able to provide your daily alligator ‘fix’. 🙂
      Oh BTW…you still having those huge traffic jams at the Spanish border? Read about it in the WSJ last week.

  4. I thought it was six, but I see above it was seven. Geez, they walk all over each other too. Great seeing so many!

    • This is not normal behavior for these guys, walking on your friend generally brings repercussions but he got away with it this time. Glad you liked seeing the morning crowd!

  5. Oh, that scene gives me nightmares. 😀 Good they are yawning, ready for a nap I guess. I do really like your photos, very cool. I don’t know any photographer with your courage always being in the thick of the gators.

    • I’m just amazed they managed to all get along OK in this close quarters and I would have thought walking on your friend would be a serious breach of etiquette but what do I know?! 🙂

  6. I thought they were 7 but i see that you say that they are 8 … Anyway it was a bit tricky to count them 🙂 … I just love your Gator photos, and this time, especially your last 🙂 // Maria 🙂

  7. Are there 7 total? And how cute (seriously) are they all cuddled up together? Alligators must be like cats because Teddy just walks right over my back when he wants to get up in the morning. I ignore him, of course. Love the pics!

    • I don’t think they have any kind of family ties that they would remember and have it affect their behavior in any way years later. Alligators this size can be 10-12 years old already. More likely it’s the time of year, when mating season is concluded for the most part and if everyone has been getting enough to eat they may be in less competition and less territorial.

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