Couldn’t Wait?!

Earlier this week I noticed an osprey flying across the marsh pond carrying a small fish it had just plucked from the ocean. When I looked at the photos later I realized the fish was headless. Apparently the osprey had already taken a little sample bite out of it’s catch before heading off to a tree to enjoy the remainder of it’s fishy snack. 

Osprey With Headless Fish

Osprey With Headless Fish

Osprey With Headless Fish

Osprey With Headless Fish

29 thoughts on “Couldn’t Wait?!

  1. Beautiful photos. And interesting that the osprey couldn’t wait to get a bite. Must have been very hungry! It’s kind of like taking a potato off of the plate before the waitress sets in down in front of you…but I wouldn’t really know about that kind of behavior.

  2. I think we’ve all been there, Phil! What brilliant shots of a glorious bird! One flew low above me some years ago, when I was on Loch Tay in Scotland. What an experience, never forgotten!

    • When you see one flying above you they look like a fairly impressive bird, but we one time had one hit the water right in front of us making a huge splash and that’s when I really saw how big of a bird the osprey is.
      Thanks so much Maggie!

    • I wonder if he was trying to figure out what was being pointed at him from below. Although if this bird has been around a while it would likely not be the first time he ever saw a camera.

    • The only way we would know if he didn’t like the head was if we saw him spit it out. If that was the case I’m glad it didn’t happen as he was flying right above me.
      Glad you liked these osprey shots!

    • Well sure, all the best chefs taste a dish as it is being prepared, maybe this osprey wanted to make sure he really like this variety of fish before bringing it to the table.
      Thanks for checking these out Steve.

    • We see a lot of fish jumping both in the salt marsh and the pond. Often it’s big guys chasing (and eating) little guys. We also saw a ray in the salt marsh a couple days ago, it was chasing stuff all over.
      Thanks for checking out these osprey photos Amy!

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