I Did Not See THAT Coming!

Yesterday evening in the salt marsh we had an assortment of the usual suspects…spoonbills (including Mr. Grumpy) snowy egrets, wood storks, and white ibis, etc. Everybody seemed to be happily feeding and enjoying the evening, and even Mr. Cranky was behaving.

Suddenly these two white ibis broke out into a huge ruckus! We aren’t sure what the disagreement was about, but what was quite surprising was that we rarely see white ibis fight. They are generally rather docile birds and tend to get along well with everyone including each other. But this pair clearly had issues, and as best as we could tell, the one on the right was the primary aggressor as he chased the other ibis back into the reeds to conclude the battle. 

Ibis Battle in the Salt Marsh

Ibis Battle in the Salt Marsh

Ibis Battle in the Salt Marsh

Ibis Battle in the Salt Marsh

53 thoughts on “I Did Not See THAT Coming!

  1. This is why it pays to revisit places…or in your case have a regular haunt…we just never know what nature will present us with and when we think we have seen it all…well here comes something new. 🙂

  2. The main thing is, that they didn’t break off there beaks! Then they have to die, right?

    But the pictures are great, very interesting! ▲

  3. In the nesting colonies I have seen white ibis tangle it up. Sometimes the tussle starts in the trees and then suddenly they pop up rising vertically into the air still engaged in whatever trespass many have occurred in the colony. But, other than in nesting colonies, the white ibis generally are peaceable relatively speaking.

  4. New to your site.
    I am trying to do what you do but, have nothing close to your quality of shots.
    I don’t see info on camera, lens, settings,etc.
    Could you fill me in on a quick reply of your basic setup.
    I don’t see how you could keep up with all of the people who are following you.
    So, I thank you for your posting so that I may be able to enjoy you work.

    • Hi Don, great to see you here and glad you are enjoying my photos!
      I shoot with Canon 7D and a Canon 300 f4 usually with a Canon 1.4 extender attached.
      I shoot in Manual mode 98% of the time.
      If you look at the top section and pick out any bird or animal and check out the individual shots in those galleries I believe there is shooting info on those shots.

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