The Superhero Of The Marsh

Look! Up in the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s… well… it is actually a bird, but no ordinary bird, it’s our hero Mr. Grumpy! Yes indeed everyone’s favorite cranky spoonbill was out again this morning flying across the marsh pond, then out into the salt marsh, then back to the pond. He was everywhere, performing the impossible at each location! At one point he even stopped for a nap. Wow! This guy can do it all! 

Spoonbill Flight From Marsh Pond

Spoonbill Flight From Marsh Pond

32 thoughts on “The Superhero Of The Marsh

    • He is a pretty bird Deb. They may indeed move on soon. As the night’s and mornings get cooler they may leave us and head south. That’s part of the reason I get out there every chance I get to look for them. Just got back from watching five juvies nap. Not the most exciting photos ever. 😉 Our pal Mr. Grumpy was way across the pond by himself so we saw six total tonight.

    • He does look like a nice well mannered bird while in flight doesn’t he? Actually he got along great this morning with a young spoonbill and about 80 wood storks and another 50 birds of various species.

  1. Mr. Grumpy is so stylish, isn’t he? I’m glad you guys are taking every chance to capture these beautiful shots of them as they may be moving soon for winter I imagine. Love his colors, and the detail, against that background. The colors are so perfectly complimentary!

    • Oh he is extremely stylish! If you ask him he will tell you. 😉
      Yes I do not know how much longer they will stick around especially as it gets cooler at night here. Although back in 2009 we had a couple that stayed through Nov.

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