Osprey Circle And Dive

This past week I was watching an osprey putting in a hard days work in the marsh pond. This is the typical behavior of a hunting osprey…it circles over an area until it spots something interesting in the water below. It then goes into a steep dive, hits the water, and hopefully comes up with a nice fish that it can take into a nearby tree.

Unfortunately the one part of the plan that often goes wrong is that part about catching a fish. It is a skillful and impressive technique that the osprey employs but… success is never guaranteed!

Osprey Circle and Dive

Osprey Circle and Dive

Osprey Circle and Dive

Osprey Circle and Dive

Osprey Circle and Dive

Osprey Circle and Dive

42 thoughts on “Osprey Circle And Dive

  1. Even without the desired success, I think it’s for the people very, very worth seeing! Your photos are showing that very impressive! ▲

  2. Great diving… he knows where to go… I am impressed so much. You did a great set again. Thank you, dear Phil, but I missed also your Mr.Alligator too 🙂 where is he? Love, nia

    • Thank you for looking at these photos Nia and I’m happy you like them!
      Our friend Mr. Alligator has been away sleeping as the weather got colder. I may catch a quick look at him every once in a while though. 🙂

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