A Little Late Evening Fishing

I was leaving the salt marsh area recently when I saw this egret doing some late evening fishing. I decided to stop and watch him for a bit to see if he would have any luck. Well it turns out he did because within minutes he plucked himself out a fish and gobbled it down. Always nice to have a snack before turning in for the night! 

Egret Fishing Late Evening

Egret Fishing Late Evening

Egret Fishing Late Evening

Egret Fishing Late Evening

30 thoughts on “A Little Late Evening Fishing

    • Sometimes we tend to criticize one of the egrets or herons that keeps missing the fish but then I remember how tough it has to be to pluck out a fast moving fish with your face. Don’t think I could do it. 🙂

    • Thanks Deb, and the egrets have to be the whitest things on the face of the earth. They are brilliant white! That’s also what make taking photos of them particularly challenging. I always shoot them in manual mode, any auto mood will almost always blow out the whites.

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