American Mink

This morning I went up the beach to the north jetty area and was not there too long when this wet mink popped out from among the rocks and gave me a good looking over.

Right away it jumped back down and I knew it was scurrying along the jetty somewhere under the rocks. A short time later I saw the cute little guy briefly pop back up, sniff the air a few times, take another look at me, and then disappear back behind the rocks. I waited for a while hoping he would reappear and maybe jump in the water and grab a fish. I never did see the mink again but now that I know he is in that general area I will be sure to make a return visit and hopefully catch another sighting of the exceptionally cute mink! 

Mink at the Jetty

Mink at the Jetty

Mink at the Jetty

Mink at the Jetty

Mink at the Jetty

52 thoughts on “American Mink

  1. WOW! This is great surprise to find him, dear Phil, at first time I see a different creature from your camera… So lovely, so beautiful… Especially second and last one fascinated me, looking eyes and his colours… Thank you, yes, always you make surprise but this was really great one. Have a nice weekend, love, nia

  2. How can anyone believe that a mink’s fur looks better on a human than on a mink? Great set of shots of a wonderful creature, Phil.

    • I plan to check for minks again soon out by the jetty. We used to see some along the causeway but they also got run over there so it’s best they stay far down the beach and out of trouble.
      The first photo he was back lit but in the rest he was in full sun which really warmed him up nicely giving him that reddish look.

  3. I love coming home from work, and sitting down to my computer, to see your great photos. I love this one! A great capture of a wonderful surprise! How lucky for us that you were there with your camera to capture this. Thank you!

    • Oh there must be a gator in there somewhere, I’ll have to look closer.
      Nope, you are right, no gator no bird.
      Humm… well glad you figured you were in the right place after all and enjoyed seeing this cool little guy.

  4. Beautiful Phil!! It’s got to be a treat to catch a shot of these guys!! Thanks for sharing!! Ralph and I want to wish you and Alyce a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!! Maybe once things calm down in 2014, the four of us can ‘try’ to get together!!

  5. We had one of them set up housekeeping in a spare chimney pipe in the Utah desert one time. I suspect he might have been an escapee from some of the nearby mink farms. The brother-in-law actually hand fed it some meat. I was afraid he was going to lose some fingers. They are FAST!

  6. Beautiful to look at! Unfortunately, the ones released from farms in the UK have decimated the natural wildlife in this country. So cruel to breed them for their fur, which never looks anything like as good on people as it does on this little creature!

  7. Yes, this is just fabulous that you caught Mr. Mink in your eye and lens! Thank you for sharing this with all of us. I had no idea there was a mink at HBSP. I will be on the look out for him.

    • He really is a super cute little guy and I have actually made little noises like you would to get a cat to look at you and this can sometimes work for minks too. Yes they are quite curious. 🙂

  8. Phil I was just reading UHH’s and saw your post of the mink. I think this little fellow is so cute thanks for hiking out to the jetties to take these. That is why you are a one of a kind fellow.

    • It’s been much less often then I used to see them but it’s for the best I think. They are better off being way up the beach and not near any vehicle traffic where they can get hit.
      Glad you liked these shots David.

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