An Hour In The Life Of An Egret

Earlier this week I spent about an hour watching an egret go about it’s business in among the oyster beds in the salt marsh during low tide. It was an active hour for the bird too…

He plucked out a nice fish for himself.

Made sure he looked all spiffy.

Had to jump out of the way to avoid being run over by a passing great blue heron.

A typical action packed afternoon for one of the large wading birds in the marsh! 

Hour in the Life of an Egret

Hour in the Life of an Egret

Hour in the Life of an Egret

36 thoughts on “An Hour In The Life Of An Egret

  1. Beautiful set, Phil! I always enjoy your fine photos and of course, the play by play commentary is great as well. ;o) If you’re any fair representation of a “beach bum”, then the world could certainly use a few more. Thanks again and enjoy your weekend!

    • Hey thanks very much for both your visit here and your very nice comments Mick it’s greatly appreciated!
      Beach Bum sounds good to me especially because over there I can be a Swamp Bum (like this morning) and still be right at the beach!
      Hope you enjoy your weekend as well!

  2. Love it! Is he having a little cockatoo reaction in the first photo! Silly boy! What fine feathers he has. Eek, on the GBH! You weren’t joking! 🙂

    • Ah you noticed that fluffed up head look?! 🙂 Sometimes when an egret spots a fairly good size fish they will get all excited, fluff themselves up, and practically dance over to where they saw the fish. Of course the GBH will instantly notice this behavior and it’s a tip off to go take the fish that the egret just spotted.

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