Mrs. Merganser and Friend

This past week I was surprised to see this solitary female merganser duck picking around among the duckweed in the swamp. I usually see mergansers in pairs or small groups, rarely alone. But it turns out that Mrs. Merganser was not alone…she had a turtle friend sitting on a log out there also enjoying the late morning sun! 

Mrs Merganser and Friend

24 thoughts on “Mrs. Merganser and Friend

  1. Love the green and orange accents which coordinate with the turtle (such a cute little guy) and Mrs. Merganser. She is a silly looking thing, with that tuft on her head! 🙂

  2. Hi Phil & Alyce! Hope both of you are doing fine. Wanted to wish you a wonderful festive season and a very merry christmas! Mum & Dad have passed their regards too!

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