Time To Leave

Recently I was watching this bald eagle sitting in a pine tree, and I suspected he had other business to take care of and would soon be leaving his tree. Once I saw the ‘look’ I knew he was planning to jump off, so I grabbed a few quick shots as he left the area.

Time To Leave

Time To Leave

Time To Leave

Time To Leave

Time To Leave

Time To Leave

Time To Leave

24 thoughts on “Time To Leave

  1. Hey Phil,
    I was just checking out your blog and noticed you must have just posted these. Good timing on my part… and good timing on your part to anticipate the eagle taking flight as well. That’s a pretty awesome sequence of shots! That guy looks like he’s on a mission. ;o) I love the intense look in his eyes… very nicely done set of images! Thank you for posting like you do!!!
    I wish you and yours a Merry Christmas!

    • Hey Mick! Well thanks a million for checking these out and I’m very happy you liked this series of our bald eagle friend! It’s funny how sometimes they get these looks like they are on a very serious mission and sometimes they are. But of course other times they just feel like switching trees. 🙂
      Best wishes for a wonderful Christmas to you and your family!

  2. thank you for all these pictures, I appreciate that you share with all of us. I heard yesterday when I was at huntington that you had pictures of a red octopus, if so could you email them to me. would love to see. merry christmas, Michele Ross.

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