White Pelicans Stop In For A Visit

This afternoon we had a small group of white pelicans visit the marsh pond. These large birds are always fun to watch as they float back and forth across the water in search of fish. At one point some of them went to the far back corner of the pond where they joined a huge group of various ducks that were also working the pond. 

White Pelican Small Group in Pond

White Pelican Small Group in Pond

White Pelican Small Group in Pond

White Pelican Small Group in Pond

40 thoughts on “White Pelicans Stop In For A Visit

  1. That’s not what I would call a “small” group of white pelicans! How lovely to see so many all together. Your pics are great, as usual. Can you please tell them that it’s much warmer at my pond? 😀

  2. Garden Walk beat me to a mention of how great they look in formation – especially the trio at the back in the first shot! They could try out for synchronized swimming! Don’t send them all to Sylvia, it’s not very cold here either.

    • I continue to be amazed that they often do seem to synchronize and appear to be rather organized as well. I don’t think it’s random, they look like they know what they are doing.
      Half go to you and half to Sylvia. But of course they rarely listen to my suggestions.

    • They are rather elegant birds much more so then their cousins the brown pelican. Those guys are far from elegant.
      We are feeling a bit better but I have been told to expect this cough to linger for weeks.

    • I’ve been growing to like these big guys more every time I see them. We are very fortunate that some have come around on several occasions and stayed long enough to hopefully get some photos. In recent years we would be lucky to get a glimpse of a quick fly by.

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