“Get Out And Stay Out!”

Whenever there is more then one snowy egret feeding in the salt marsh, it is inevitable that a squabble will break out concerning ‘ownership’ of that particular fishing spot.

Here, one gets chased away but that won’t end up solving the problem…another snowy will soon show up and the action will be repeated over and over. But so it goes with snowys… a significant portion of their life is spent arguing with one another. 

Snowy Chase in the Salt Marsh

54 thoughts on ““Get Out And Stay Out!”

    • They have absolutely no problems coming up with their own entertainment. Of course it usually ends up with someone having hurt feelings but hey, it’s a hard marsh out there.

  1. SO beautiful, I really like the water color which goes so well with the white of the birds. And it is like the cone one walk in the step of the second, Amazing picture

  2. That is a gorgeous photo, sir! Those deep blues and white are very nice. BTW, roughly how close were you to those two during the squabble? Take care, Mick

  3. Looks like a ballet! Funny birds, those snowys, since they generally get along well with other kinds of egrets and herons. An excellent photo!

    • You are right Lee, although one snowy seems incapable of getting along with another, they get on just fine with most of the other waders out there.
      Thanks for checking this out.

    • What is funny is that there is usually one main troublemaker and after he chases off one guy, another will soon fly in before realizing what kind of reception he is about to receive. 😀

  4. How can this egret look so cute and be so naughty, at the same time?! Such a beautiful picture, Phil – the reflection of the blue sky and the white egret in the water is stunning!

  5. To me, they look like models walking down the catwalk, full of attitude and beauty. The first one seems to be saying something like, “I may be leaving this marsh, but I am going to look fabulous as I make my exit.”

    • They were fairly close so any further reflection was cut off in the frame. Despite only using a 300 with a 1.4 (making it a 420) I often get choked with too much glass due to how close a lot of the wildlife gets.

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