Small Bird…Small Fish

This morning we were watching this little tricolored heron fishing in the marsh pond. He did a lot of stalking, but not much catching, and when he finally did catch something it was just this tiny minnow. But he looked good doing it! Plus, right before he took off, the little tri came over nearby to where I was, took one last look around, then struck a very nice pose. The tricolored heron is a pretty bird and this one was particularly good looking! 

Tricolored Heron Fishing in Marsh Pond

Tricolored Heron Fishing in Marsh Pond

Tricolored Heron Fishing in Marsh Pond

Tricolored Heron Fishing in Marsh Pond

42 thoughts on “Small Bird…Small Fish

  1. Beautiful! I’ve never seen a tri, so thanks for this one. Don’t you just love it when they strike poses? I think sometimes they purposely show us their catch, like a dog or cat showin a prize treasure. I’m sure of it!

    • Glad you enjoyed these photos Gunta and from what I was seeing this morning, he was lucky to have even got this tiny snack. I saw many birds coming up empty all morning. Don’t know where all the fish went.

  2. Such a pretty heron. Phil. Love the bright yellow legs. They remind me of my eccentric old maths teacher at Grammar School. She always wore yellow ribbed tights, which really didn’t go too well with her red cardigan with the hole in the elbow. Great photos, as always. 🙂

  3. What a beautiful series of photos, Phil! I think he was showing off a little bit. I mean, any one of those birds can catch a big fish, right? But to catch a little one like that shows real skill. ;o) Thanks for sharing with us.
    Take care,

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