“Move Over Gang, I’m Coming In!”

This afternoon I was amused by this white pelican who decided he needed to come swooping in right among a group of hooded merganser ducks. The poor little ducks were forced to scatter as the huge pelican came in for a landing.

Note how the male hoodies in the lower foreground excitedly get their head crests all pointy as they quickly get out of the way! 

White Pelican Flies Into Hoodies

White Pelican Flies Into Hoodies

White Pelican Flies Into Hoodies

White Pelican Flies Into Hoodies

White Pelican Flies Into Hoodies

35 thoughts on ““Move Over Gang, I’m Coming In!”

  1. Haha, that’s good stuff, Phil! Looks like a B-52 Bomber making an emergency landing in a municipal airport. I know… bad analogy. Great series of photos, btw. I love the punk rock hairdos of the little mergansers. ;o)

    • Glad you like these. This is the first year we have had white pelicans here on any consistent basis. Normally we used to get the occasional visitor or a quick fly by and that would be it.

  2. Great set Phil!! Loved all the action. Hope this cold ends soon,( 6.9 degrees overnight- we’re near Williamsburg VA). I’m sure Mr. Alligator would agree! Stay warm, take care.

    • Thanks a bunch I’m very happy you enjoyed these WP photos!
      Super cold here for us too, it was 21 when I got up this morning and the wind felt like razor blades cutting through you. I’m not built for this cold. 🙂
      Poor Mr. A 😦

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