Not Fast Enough

Recently I watched this snowy egret excitedly break into a full run in the salt marsh during low tide. The snowy had seen something for sure, likely a fish, and was in a hurry to get it. Unfortunately, snowball must have arrived just a fraction of a second too late because he came with nothing but water for all his effort!

Snowy in a Hurry

Snowy in a Hurry

Snowy in a Hurry

Snowy in a Hurry

41 thoughts on “Not Fast Enough

    • We have an all white cat, named Ripley and sometimes when she acts up I threaten to change her name to something overly cutesy like “Snowball”. That usually puts her back in line. 🙂

  1. The light hitting the bird, all the detail in its body and the feathers – lots to like here. There doesn’t look like there’s a lot of meat on those bones so it might have missed a few times.

    • It was that late in the day, just prior to sunset lighting that is often very flattering to the birds and I like to shoot in those conditions as well.
      Snowys are pretty much always kind of skinny birds, I can’t recall ever seeing a particularly plump snowy.

  2. Utterly gorgeous lighting and detail, particularly in that last shot where I can almost count the feathers. Sheer perfection – both your capture and the snowy, too.

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