This Marsh Ain’t Big Enough For Both Of Us

As best as I can tell, from my observations snowy egrets must spend approximately 60% of their lives fussing and squabbling with one another. Snowys get along just fine with the other wading birds such as ibis and herons, but put more then one snowy in the same location and they are incapable of behaving themselves. Even though there is plenty of room for many snowys to each have their own spot to feed in, they always want the place the other guy is currently fishing.

Such was the case with this pair in the salt marsh recently. One guy has to come in and jump the other guy for no apparent reason other then that’s what they do…that’s what snowy egrets always do. 

Snowys Battle in the Salt Marsh

Snowys Battle in the Salt Marsh

Snowys Battle in the Salt Marsh

44 thoughts on “This Marsh Ain’t Big Enough For Both Of Us

  1. I look at your posts every day, and this sequence is especially great! I just love the “wild hair” that punctuates the high emotion they have going.

  2. That “hair” standing on end is brilliant and comical at the same time…. it totally adds to the action. This sequence makes me think of some folks who seem to always have some soap opera going in their lives. If life gets too calm or boring, they go out of their way to create trouble.

    • That’s a very good analogy, these snowballs are always creating drama!
      Just getting around to responding to comments, I spent all of yesterday in the hospital ER. It’s been a bad month.

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