Crab Salad

Recently some friends were discussing a recipe for crab salad and it was mentioned that using fresh genuine crab rather than imitation was important for best taste. That prompted me to head to my files where I came up with this photo of our good pal Mr. A enjoying a nice crab salad prepared his own special way. He not only likes it fresh, he also prefers it a bit on the crunchy side.

Although this particular recipe is officially endorsed by our alligator friend, I understand it may not be ideal for everyone. So please feel free to adjust the ingredients to prepare your own variation of this dish as necessary! 

Alligator Eating Crab Salad

67 thoughts on “Crab Salad

  1. Wow, that is quite a fresh “salad”. Love this photo! He’s got to be happy, eating that, and enjoying the crunch. Probably both flosses and cleans his teeth. 😉

  2. Looks like ideal gator food though I hope he doesn’t chomp off one of those juicy crab legs. Amazing amount of pink you captured there! That’s how you tell a good gated shot right?

  3. Ha! This reminds me of when we were kids…well some of us…and we would turn to the person next to us and open wide with a chewed up bunch of food in our mouth.
    Seems a good recipe to me…Mr. A needs his roughage.

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