The Big Arrival

Great Blue Herons almost always feel they have to make a huge production out of everything. This one was no different as he arrived in the salt marsh among the oyster beds with a dramatic flourish. Normally you might think the effect is wasted if no one is around to be impressed, but not to these big guys. Blue herons quite often seem to be perfectly content impressing themselves! 

GBH Arrives In Salt Marsh

20 thoughts on “The Big Arrival

  1. He deserves to be flashy and impressive! I love the orange details on him, and their contrast with his plummage and the background. Again, if a person tried to arrange this photograph, with the land, water, and (what are those, plants of some sort?) and the vegetation, it would be impossible! Great composition in this!

  2. Gotta admit that wing span is pretty damned impressive. Wish his cousins around here had the same tendency rather than fleeing if I so much as slow the car down.

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