Still Fishing

A while back I was watching this young brown pelican fishing in the salt marsh. I thought I saw something unusual on the bird and when I examined the images later I realized that this pelican had a fishing lure stuck under the front portion of it’s right wing.

Sadly we see this type of thing far too often especially here along the coast. Birds can easily get stuck with hooks and tangled in fishing line. Hopefully this pelican can somehow manage to work the lure free from it’s body. But for now it seems to be able to fly and fish normally which is a good sign… 

Pelican Fishing with Lure

Pelican Fishing with Lure

32 thoughts on “Still Fishing

  1. Hate to see them entangled with such stuff.

    During the Christmas season, we have deer that get their antlers tangled with strands of lights. Long as it doesn’t impair their ability to eat and run, the Colorado Division of Wildlife doesn’t worry about such things since the antlers are shed.

  2. Dislike seeing the inersecting of human activity and wildlife with this type of result. Usually it is the wildlife suffering the consequences. I hope the lure somehow works its way free. At least the pelican can still function. Let’s hope it stays that way.

  3. It’s so sad to see these things – but I do think this pelican has a chance. The lure looks like it’s caught in about the same place that researchers sometimes attach “patagial tags” to birds to mark them for study; the patagial tags are like earrings through the very front edge of the wing, basically, and they’re designed to not affect the bird’s health or behavior. If the lure works in the same way as a patagial tag, the pelican may be able to live with it just fine.

  4. This kind of thing is such an atrocity. I see this more and more at Cherry Creek and Chatfield…fishermen are exceptionally lazy about leaving their line and hooks strewn about. I’ve even caught my shoes on a couple hooks last year. It’s sad, the lack of respect for nature so many people have…if it isn’t the fishermen leaving dangerous hooks and line about, it’s people on jetskis violating no wake zones and plowing through flocks of rare birds, or governments destroying habitats for…who knows what purpose.

    • Many a day my wife and I have picked up carelessly discarded fishing gear off the beach to properly dispose of it.
      The list of other rude, thoughtless behavior we witness is sadly far too long.

    • We often pick up discarded fish hooks and line off the beach here, it’s a shame it can’t be handled better but so it goes, we just keep on and do the best we can for all around us.

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