Ibis At Sunset

A lone white ibis stands silhouetted in the marsh pond. Although it is winter, the setting sun warms the scene in orange and golden light. 

Ibis Sunset Silhouette

67 thoughts on “Ibis At Sunset

  1. The timing, in terms of being there precisely when you could get this shot, must have been crucial. I’m at a loss for words. It is stunning.

  2. I’ve just left a review of your blog on Otto’s post :). Did you hear what happened to me in Round 5? I wrote a piece about that…. This photo is something I would happily hang on my wall! BEAUTIFUL!!!

    • I never knew what happened with that in Round 5 I just read about it now.
      I’ve had some health issues the past several weeks and have not be able to get at the blogs the way I would like.
      I have been trying to keep things somewhat normal here but it is a struggle.
      Thanks a million for your very kind endorsement in Otto’s blog, I really appreciate that very much.

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