Photo “Bombed”!

Yesterday evening I was shooting this great egret as it was flying across the salt marsh when suddenly a snowy egret flew right into my shot. The photo bomb by snowball was rude enough, but…making a mid air deposit as it flew by, turning his act into a real ‘bombing run’, was totally uncalled for!

Snowy Photobomber

36 thoughts on “Photo “Bombed”!

    • What’s equally (and possibly disturbingly) amazing is the amount of these types of shots I seem to capture.
      That must mean something, but what?!

      Also one time I saw an alligator… uh, never mind. 😀

  1. LOL! Did it hit you?! The other bird has an odd expression, if that is even possible. His limelight was stolen after all with a rude upstaging…. :0

    • Ha ha no, luckily he was not flying directly over my head at the time of the ‘action’. And yes that other egret has a look on his face like he is thinking… Dude, Seriously, Now?!

  2. Heard through the Grand Strand beach vine that try outs were brutal. Perhaps Snowy was rejected by the dance team and was expressing his feelings?

    • Oh that would be typical of the snowys with their high strung behavior and attitudes.
      Maybe they would have better luck flying up the coast a bit and into NC.
      Although… I would miss their goofy antics. 🙂

      • Your photos have become a most welcome daily ritual! Always a pleasure to see your latest post 🙂 We love our birds at Sunset Beach, NC, so send them on up the coast. You can keep the gators. We have met our limit.

    • Yeah we do try to have a good time out there and the action is starting to heat up along with the temps. Soon the alligators will be acting up trying to get more screen time.

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