Quiet Time

Normally when I see green herons they are very purposeful and busy sorts of birds. They can most often be found intently stalking the marsh area for small fish, shrimp, and other types of aquatic species.

However, I recently found this green heron taking a break from its feeding duties and enjoying a bit of early evening down time by relaxing on a conveniently located stump along the edge of the pond.

Green Heron at Edge of Marsh Pond

38 thoughts on “Quiet Time

    • They guy is likely in breeding condition and that is making him more vibrantly colored, and there was some early evening light falling on him which is a warmer light.
      Thanks for checking out this greenie pic!

    • These guys can really brighten up nicely when the light falls on them right, otherwise they can actually appear a bit drab.
      This one is likely in breeding condition so that makes him look a bit snappier right there.

  1. I really enjoy watching these greenies and their ability to use straw, grass or pieces of discarded food to lure fish. This heron looks decked out in his Easter finery! Your photos always inspire me to grab my camera and head outside to find that “special” shot. LOL – thought I’d captured a pretty good greenie last week until now. Back to the coast next week to try again!

  2. I saw one drop a bug into the water to lure up a fish. They are smart birds!
    This guy is dressed up very nicely indeed.
    Glad you have been enjoying getting bird photos and the little greenies are fun to watch.

    • I believe I know what he was thinking… “Can’t I get two seconds of peace around here without some guy coming by shoving a camera in my face?!?”
      Glad you enjoyed the greenie photo Sylvia,

    • Thanks for the feedback on this Scott. My concern on this was that the stump was too prominent and in your face and therefore more of a distraction. But, it’s only one picture so what the hell… 🙂

  3. Love his subtle coloring. He does look like he’s enjoying a moment of slam. The water is so complementary to him! 🙂

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