The Baby

Well…earlier this afternoon a little baby alligator was out walking around and mostly staying out of the water.

The reason for that was because there were a good dozen or so of the big guys patrolling the edge of the marsh pond looking for food.

At times like these it’s best for anything small to just stay away from the water if at all possible!

Baby Alligator at the Edge of the Pond

Baby Alligator at the Edge of the Pond

Baby Alligator at the Edge of the Pond

Baby Alligator at the Edge of the Pond


36 thoughts on “The Baby

    • They are all starting to get a little feisty and at this point are mostly concerned with feeding but as the territorial instincts begin to take over, the larger ones will often drive off and possibly even attack the little guys.
      The little ones know this and take precautions as necessary.

    • He is a cute little fellow isn’t he?!
      I won’t repeat that remark about not getting better with age to you know who. Should you ever visit here I don’t want to have to tell him…Yeah, that’s the guy who said it. 😮

    • I love the cute little guy too!
      I do think though if I was to try to pick him up he would likely quickly whip around and try to latch on to my fingers. My guess it would hurt worse then a puppy bite and we probably don’t want to know what kind of bacteria lurks in that mouth. 😮

    • I’m glad to hear that and I really want people to know they are not savage killers but are more like a cute puppy.
      Ok, I’m making that part up, but they are cool animals. 🙂

    • Well I suppose they can look a bit mean when they get big but they just have a bad reputation, they are generally fairly docile. I’m not sure how far north of us, I expect there must be some in North Carolina but probably not up much more then that.

  1. Watching and learning. When I got to the last photo in this series, the big guy looked really scary! I’d love to pay the cute little guy some attention – he’s precious. Hope his precautionary instincts are intact! 🙂

    • I know, I want to scoop up the little guy and pet him. 🙂 I suspect that would not go over real well though. 😮
      The little ones do instinctually know that it’s best to keep clear of the bigger ones if possible, especially if they want to grow up to be a big boy some day.

  2. Hmm, cute? the jury’s still out on that one here but I guess he sort of is.. prefer the mamalian as opposed to the reptilian ‘little ones’ personally Phil on balance but smashing pictures.

    • I think he’s pretty darn cute, but then again I often thinks snakes can be cute too. I’m not big on any bugs though. Those things freak me out. I get a spider on me and I’ll start running around in circles flapping my arms and screeching like a schoolgirl. 😮 🙂

    • Ha! He really does look “new”! I love that Sylvia, great description!
      I don’t think I caught that older one on his best day, I’m sur ehe would clean up nicely if given a chance.
      We have one huge bull that I have only caught glimpses of… he is so prehistoric looking and his head looks like a T Rex. That guy is old!

  3. What a cute little baby! It’s too bad that they have to remain out of the water as the older Mr. and Mrs. A’s search for food. Glad to know it’s an instilled trait that the babies get out and stay out of the way!

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