Sunset Flight

This past week I saw this egret flying across the marsh pond which was lit by setting sunlight.

And of course the scene wouldn’t be complete without ‘you know who’ gliding by in the background…

Egret Sunset Flight Across the Marsh with Alligator

34 thoughts on “Sunset Flight

  1. Stunning! The colors. And of course I love Mr. A enjoying the sunset lighting. What a great shot. 🙂

  2. Dramatic colors. Amazing lines. How do you create such magic?! I wish this egret can see how you’ve crowned his loveliness. …And of course, a toast to our endearing Mr. A! :p

    • Yes the egrets tend to fold up those long necks for flying more then the blue herons. All very graceful flyers indeed!
      Naturally we have a lurker. That’s what he’s known for. 🙂

    • Our pal Mr. A has a unique ability to lurk in the background as unobtrusive as possible, that’s his job. 🙂
      I’m very happy you enjoyed seeing this egret photo with our sneaky friend back there.

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