Nature’s Water Filtration System

This alligator feeding in the salt marsh will grab everything in front of him in a huge gulp, then strain out the water leaving behind only some tasty fish and shrimp snacks.

Alligator Straining Water

Alligator Straining Water

16 thoughts on “Nature’s Water Filtration System

    • This guy was fishing baleen style. I’m not sure if they are supposed to do that, but I’m not about to tell him he’s doing it all wrong.
      Thanks for checking these out Steve.

  1. Nice shot Phil, That’s more action than I saw yesterday. Got one good shot of Radar before a tourist scared him off.

  2. What a photo!!! Boyyou have alot of alligators where u live…how close do you get to them? I know I’ve asked you a few times about zooming in, I do photography and have wild life here, (not like you though) but cant get that close to them, without them running away…and, wondered if you have a special zoom in, because I for one, only say one alligator once when I lived in Fla, and he was far away, and I was too scared to get any closer….heard there are also crockadiles in the ocean, now thats scary…Beautiful photos though, they are very big…

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