Well…That’s A Mouthful!

Yesterday afternoon this anhinga was fishing in the marsh pond and I saw him catch a few fish…including this one that didn’t go down very easy at first.

After a strenuous fishing trip, the boy decided that a nice stretch and dry off with the sun on his back would be the perfect way to relax.

Anhinga Fishing and Drying

Anhinga Fishing and Drying

Anhinga Fishing and Drying

32 thoughts on “Well…That’s A Mouthful!

  1. Yikes! He almost looks like he’s gagging. What a photograph! I’m glad it went down though eventually. I love him stretching out and drying himself, lovely!

  2. The wet cat image is a perfect way to describe him. I remember seeing one drying off for the first time down in Florida. It cracked me up, it looked like he was drying out the armpits, but I didn’t know for sure until later. 🙂

  3. That third is a classic anhinga pose. But the second is just so cool….seeing that surprisingly huge gullet all ready for the fish to go sliding down and giving new meaning to Big Gulp. 😀

    • That fish stuck in his throat for a while too. They tend to get very excited and really try to do the Big Gulp fast so sometimes that gets the bird in trouble if the fish is out of position during swallow mode.

  4. I’m sorry I’m still fascinated about what the fish would be seeing while he’s sliding down the Anhinga’s throat.

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