The Noon Flight

The anhinga mid day flight arrived at the marsh yesterday afternoon right on time. He was able to get in some fishing, but not as much as he would have liked because several alligators (including this lurker) were already set up at the best spots.

A bird such as an anhinga that fishes by swimming very fast under the water has to be careful of what he might bump into out there!

Anhinga and Alligator

Anhinga and Alligator

Anhinga and alligator

18 thoughts on “The Noon Flight

  1. And those lurkers have sinister eyes – great shots. I turned into an accidental lurker once. I was sitting in my kayak watching the beavers swim around. One beaver started swimming toward me and didn’t seem to notice the red kayak. He banged into the kayak with a thud, slapped his tail and completely drenched me. My wife thot this particularly funny.

    • I’m surprised to hear the beaver was so ill mannered, they have a lot of nerve. I’ve had an alligator bang his head down against the water at me but you kind of expect that from them as they can be rather impulsive. Nice that your wife got a laugh out of you getting drenched by the smart aleck beaver, I suspect Alyce’s reaction would be similar.

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