“So Who Invited Him?!”

A while back one of our alligator pals suddenly surfaced and came gliding over to this surprised group of mixed egrets. I found it interesting and amusing that some of the birds left in a total panic, while others, especially the great egret in center, left, remained stoic throughout.

In reality, the gator just wanted to move over to another area and ended up paying no attention at all to the egrets.

Alligator and Egrets

Alligator and Egrets

Alligator and Egrets

20 thoughts on ““So Who Invited Him?!”

  1. Great Shot!!! Haven’t seen so many Egrets in years and, are they friends with the alligator??? or does he eventually get one….I hope not……

  2. WHOAA…one of these days that lurker will get a kick in the head from such a formidable egret (he’d probably just roll his eyes)! Knock it off with the surprise appearances ;)!

  3. There’s a reason for that panic. Mr. A just shows up everywhere, doesn’t he?! Really nice photo, and great “habits” capture! 🙂

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