Good Mood?…Maybe…

Yesterday afternoon our good pal Mr. A seemed to be in a good mood when he came floating over to my side of the marsh pond to say hello.

I of course can’t tell for sure, but I do wonder what he’s thinking…

Alligator in Marsh Pond Watching Me

41 thoughts on “Good Mood?…Maybe…

  1. Spectacular photo of Mr. A! I love the play on textures.
    What are the two knob like things in his reflection at the front of his mouth?

    • Well I’m very happy you enjoyed seeing our alligator friend!
      I think those are reflections of his nostrils, which are extending a bit out and over from his actual nose. 🙂

    • Well I’m very happy you enjoyed seeing our gator friend. When the water is like that I always hope an alligator will come gliding in and I purposely try to capture scenes like this.

  2. Yes, I think he might be in a good mood! Get a load of those eyes….. glad his good mood didn’t include rushing out at you.

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