Early Evening Spoonbill Flight

This past weekend I watched this spoonbill as it made a flight across the marsh just prior to sunset.

Spoonbill Sunset Flight

11 thoughts on “Early Evening Spoonbill Flight

  1. What a great photo, Phil! I love the way the clouds are outlined in the soft peachy color. Pretty cool how the shapes out in front of the Spoonbill mimic the direction the bird is heading as well. I’m sure you planned all of that. ;o) All around wonderful image! Thanks for sharing sir.
    Be good!

    • Oh I absolutely had the whole thing planned Mick you know that. This spoonie is actually my pet and does everything I tell him to do. 🙂
      Ok. well i might have made some of that up!
      Thanks a million for looking and commenting my friend! 🙂

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