Crabby 1…Alligator 0

Crabs are a big delicacy for the alligators, they just love to crunch down a nice fresh, tasty crab. We had already seen this young gator catch and eat a small crab in the salt marsh yesterday evening so we knew what dinner item he was in the mood for.

The young hunter quickly spotted another meal, and this time it would be the main course as it was a much larger blue crab than the one he had caught previously. The alligator went into stealth mode trying to sneak up behind the crab hoping to catch it by surprise and have no trouble munching down the potential tasty treat. An older, more experienced alligator would have been much less subtle in the stalking procedure and likely would have gone for a quick grab and crunch but that was not this young gator’s style.

The youngster took too much time being sneaky and the crab must have heard him coming up from behind because Crabby quickly whipped himself around and raised his claws defiantly.

As the gator inched forward, Crabby reached out with his right claw and gave the gator a good hard pinch on the end of his nose! The startled alligator jerked his head to the side to be free of the crab’s claw while Crabby scurried to his right and partially submerged himself in the mud of a shallow pool while keeping both claws raised in a threatening manner.

The now severely annoyed young alligator backed up and gave Crabby a piece of his mind but Crabby was not impressed because he was the winner today and will live to tell the tale. You don’t get to be a big crab by being timid and Crabby was not prepared to go down without a fight and emerged victorious on this day.

The dejected and defeated alligator turned and slowly slunk off back into the water with a plan to go catch some fish which he knows will put up much less of a struggle.

Crabby One Alligator Zero

Crabby One Alligator Zero

Crabby One Alligator Zero

Crabby One Alligator Zero

Crabby One Alligator Zero

Crabby One Alligator Zero

Crabby One Alligator Zero

Crabby One Alligator Zero

36 thoughts on “Crabby 1…Alligator 0

  1. Did the gator actually catch the crab or did the crab manage to sink into the mud far enough that it got away? It doesn’t look like the gator was intimidated by the crabs threat display.

    • Crabby was lucky it was a young alligator that was after him and not one of the big boys who would have snatched poor crabby in a heartbeat. It was a good size crab so it’s likely not the first battle he has been in either. 🙂

  2. Go, Craggy, go! That first photo in the series – I guess the young alligator thought he was a Ninja. It was almost comical – his being so large and yet trying to be stealthy. And Crabby being so teeny. I’m sure the alligator will get other meals, but you just had to root for Crabby in this one! Especially with that nose pinch. (The alligator’s markings and colors are really pretty, and I enjoyed the detail on the crab as well.)

    • The more I look at the photos the more I keep thinking the alligator looks like a puppy that found something to play with, but he’s finding out that his new ‘toy’ plays a bit rough.
      The younger alligators like this one often have very colorful and attractive colorization and stripes.
      Crabby wins!

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