The Chatty Little Kingfisher

I heard the little chatterbox before I saw him. I usually always do. As soon as I heard that squeaky, chattering call I immediately knew a kingfisher was flying into the area.

Kingfishers are amazing and cute little guys, but they also annoy the heck out of me. They are small, extremely fast and erratic flyers and I always have a tough time trying to catch flight shots of them.

But it’s that cute chatty voice that really gets me. It’s almost as if the bird is mocking me and daring me to try to get a photo of him as he is zooming across the marsh as if he had a jet engine installed.

But Thursday afternoon I at least managed to get a few photos as it blasted through, chattering all the way. Then it did one loop around a tree and headed back out across the reeds astonishing me by managing to keep his little yap shut for a few seconds.

I will continue to go out and attempt to get more photos of these mighty marvels, and I’m sure they will continue to use their voices to make fun of me as they blow by before I can even get the camera up.

Kingfisher Chatters and Flies

Kingfisher Chatters and Flies

Kingfisher Chatters and Flies

Kingfisher Chatters and Flies


24 thoughts on “The Chatty Little Kingfisher

  1. I actually caught one last week on my trip, but it wasn’t nearly as close or as clear as yours. They sure do streak around, but you definitely hear them. Frustrating, but fun to watch.

    • These guys are my nemesis. I swear they mock me with those chatty little voices. Plus that sound travels too. You hear one and think it’s close but it’s not close and not even in the direction you thought it was coming from.
      Occasionally we will see a pair start chasing each other around. It’s like watching flying chipmunks. 🙂

    • I always have the feeling that these belted kingfishers we have here enjoy making fun of me because they seem to know how difficult they can make life as a bird photographer trying to get halfway decent shots of them.
      Thanks very much for looking and commenting Adrian!

  2. What great close ups — and with a tough subject. I see his little bill barking away in a couple of these! He is very cute thought.

    • I suspect that experience capturing sports action does help in getting shots of these small fast flyers. I’ll take all the help I can get when it comes to photographing these sneaky guys. 🙂

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