The Tern Gets His Turn

Earlier this week we saw an osprey hit the water, get soaked, but come up empty. That same day this Caspian Tern also hit the water but came up with a nice fish for his trouble.

Wet and happy this time!

Tern Snags a Fish

Tern Snags a Fish

Tern Snags a Fish

Tern Snags a Fish

Tern Snags a Fish

20 thoughts on “The Tern Gets His Turn

  1. Great pictures of a very fast-moving bird, Phil! Congratulations, by the way, your series of alligator loses crab pictures looked great on our national newspaper websites here in the UK!

    • Thanks a lot Maggie glad you liked seeing the tern and thanks for the kind words about the alligator vs. crab photos that went all over the UK yesterday. Just found out it also made the Sun online and print edition today.

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