Fun Morning Of Fishing

I was watching a young brown pelican exuberantly fishing in the marsh this morning. The youngster seemed quite thrilled to be out there splashing around and I did see him scoop up a few mouthfuls of fish…so apparently the technique is quite successful!

Brown Pelican Morning Fishing in the Marsh

Brown Pelican Morning Fishing in the Marsh


18 thoughts on “Fun Morning Of Fishing

    • They fish much differently then the white pelicans as well. The brown pelican technique of constantly diving head first into the water is much rougher on the bird. Also from what I understand, this method produces problems with their heads and eyes which I can understand. It would not surprise me if they have a shorter life span too.

  1. These shots really show his wingspan. Gotta love the tail feather spray, too. I remember some of your other photos of these guys and they do slam themselves into the water. You’d think they’d bruise themselves inside. What great action photos of this guy.

    • From what I understand, they way they hit the water so hard with their heads does take a toll on them. It’s supposed to be bad for their eyes too which makes sense. But that’s how they earn their living.

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