Big Day Of Fishing

Actually, there was nothing big about it at all. I was watching a pelican getting all pumped up to fish in the salt marsh this afternoon and sure enough, he plunged right in.

I knew he caught something, and when he opened up that big yap I instantly saw what it was.

No, I made that up, I didn’t see anything. It wasn’t until I got home later today and looked at the photos that I saw the pelican had caught the tiniest fish on the face of the earth. He probably really had several, but these were small fish, really small.

I suppose if he catches enough of them, as in huge mouthfuls, it might fill him up. But at this rate he will need to snag a jackpot soon!

Pelican Catches Small Fish

Pelican Catches Small Fish

Pelican Catches Small Fish

Pelican Catches Small Fish

41 thoughts on “Big Day Of Fishing

  1. These are the best yet!!!! I love them!!!! Such great close-ups of these great great pelicans, I love their furry heads, and I know you will probably think Im nuts, (i am but in a good way) but Ive always wanted to pet their heads…..but knew it was not the thing to do no matter how much I love them…They are so great, I love them the best of all bird friends…..I miss them alot!!!! Living way up in the northeast, there is no way they would be here…also they are very smart birds…lol Thanks again Phil…

    • At one point this guy was standing out of the water right in front of me and I had thoughts of walking down and giving him a scritch on the top of his head like you would pet a cat. 🐱

    • Well I’m thrilled to hear you both liked the pelican pics Sylvia! Several have found this one relatively small pool of water that gets landlocked at low tide and they seem content to scoop up the tiny fish that can be found there.
      Whatever works I suppose. 🙂

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