That Time Of Year…

I saw this female anhinga, right, quietly standing on a rock in the marsh this afternoon drying off her wings and minding her own business. So she certainly appeared shocked at first when a male anhinga suddenly hopped up out of the water and joined her on the same rock.

At first I thought an argument and a fight would quickly erupt, but that was not at all the case. Apparently she liked the looks of this guy and seemed fine with not only letting him share her rock, but they immediately started making eyes at each other.

It’s possible an anhinga love connection was made right there on the spot!

I wonder now if this will forever be ‘their’ rock, the place where it all started? 🙂

Anhinga Love Connection

Anhinga Love Connection

Anhinga Love Connection

Anhinga Love Connection

25 thoughts on “That Time Of Year…

  1. Always I wonder what will be next… It is exciting for me. Because I know, you will come back again with something new, and extraordinary. Here it is again… How beautiful compositions you captured dear Phil, these are great photographs. I loved them all. But as I told before, I will say it again, I do admire the patient behind all these photographs… You are great photographer. Thank you, love, nia

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