Missing The Target?

I decided to check out the swamp earlier today to see who might be out and about. I saw a few alligators swimming around, and I scared one baby (maybe a two footer)ย who was walking up out of the water but then quickly turned and scurried back when he caught a glimpse of me. I felt bad for the poor little fellow.

A little later I saw this one big guy come gliding in. I noticed a bent over reed frond making a circle and it looked like the gator was heading right for it and would swim through the center of the ‘target’. I wish he had done that because it would have been funny and made this story more interesting. But as you can see he passed just to the side of it, totally missing the target.

As he slowly glided by in front of me though I could see this was a pretty good size boy. I couldn’t fit all of him in my lens and ended up chopping off the back third of his body and tail.

Alligator Missing The Target

Alligator Missing The Target

Alligator Missing The Target

14 thoughts on “Missing The Target?

  1. Someday I want to see them in their habitat. In Costa Rica I did see the crocs and they really are a scary predator. The little ones are cute, but boy those big ones give me a chill. I do love your photographs, all from a safe distance for me. ๐Ÿ˜€

    • These guys are usually fine to be around, they would rather avoid people when possible which is a good thing. They are very obliging photographic subjects though which is nice. ๐Ÿ™‚

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