Juggling Act

Yesterday afternoon this anhinga surfaced in the marsh pond right in front of me with a fish stabbed on the end of his sharp bill.

After a quick jiggle and toss, the fish was mid air and headed down the hatch!

Anhinga Juggling Fish

Anhinga Juggling Fish

Anhinga Juggling Fish

36 thoughts on “Juggling Act

  1. Thea says this is a real “Oops” moment for the fish! She goes home today, I shall really miss looking at your fantastic shots with her and her pithy comments! Never mind, she’ll be back in the summer!

    • Sad to hear you will be losing your little companion for a bit, but time will go fast and Thea will be back bringing joy very soon. So glad you both enjoy the wildlife photos!

  2. Have no idea how you manage to capture these great moments. Wow. These guys are amazing hunters and flippers! 🙂

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