Nobody Was Happy About The Weather Today!

A Bald Eagle sitting in a pine tree at the edge of the salt marsh this afternoon did not seem to be at all pleased with the wind and rain we’re getting today…and he wanted to let everyone know about it!

Well, he can join the club because I wasn’t happy about it either. In fact I waited for a while hoping to get flight shots of this guy when he took off, but he just sat there looking aggravated until the rain finally drove me away.

There was an osprey fishing nearby and perhaps the eagle was waiting for the osprey to catch a fish, or maybe he was just waiting for the rain to stop. I had the advantage there though, because looking at the weather radar I could see that a huge rain storm was heading right for us from out over the ocean. So I knew we could expect nothing but wet weather for the rest of the day.

Inside for a little TV watching for me. Outside, sitting in the rain in his tree for the eagle.

I know I have snacks, the eagle can either go get his own, or continue to wait for the osprey. Wonder which one he chose?

Bald Eagle in the Rain

Bald Eagle in the Rain

Bald Eagle in the Rain

Bald Eagle in the Rain

26 thoughts on “Nobody Was Happy About The Weather Today!

    • Big beach week here now too, but supposed to be (unseasonably) rainy and grey the next several days. Not good for the sunbathers, but good business for the restaurants and bars.

    • A lot of the birds here especially along the coast will drop off most optional flying when the wind really picks up.
      Of course the alligators really do not like wind at all, they prefer a calm sunny day.

  1. Ha-ha! Yap-yapping away…even bald eagles have the right to complain about the weather :D…*Sigh* Leave that osprey alone!

  2. Yikes, that is a definite “I’m not happy” expression! Interesting how he might wait for someone else to catch something, so it’s less work for him!

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