Morning Fishing Trip

We had an alligator out feeding in the salt marsh this morning during low tide. He was swimming back and forth among the oyster beds scooping up mouthfuls of small fish for the time I was there. Alligators don’t live in the salt water but will visit whenever they think the fishing might be good. They actually prefer fresh crabs, but it’s a little early yet to be seeing crabby out there.

Soon though, the fog rolled in followed by a torrential downpour.

I took this last photo with my phone just prior to running for the car and getting soaked in the process. If you look in the water in the lower center area, you will see our pal still out there fishing.

Alligator Feeding in the Salt Marsh

Alligator Feeding in the Salt Marsh

Alligator Feeding in the Salt Marsh

Alligator Feeding in the Salt Marsh

Alligator Feeding in the Salt Marsh

Alligator Feeding in the Salt Marsh


27 thoughts on “Morning Fishing Trip

    • That view is looking north toward the inlet. The ocean is east to my right. This section here is the end of the line for the tide which has to make it’s way from the ocean, all through the Inlet, and finally to where I’m standing. That takes an hour and a half or more and that’s the time difference between the tide on the beach and the tide there at the salt marsh.

  1. My favorite is the “S” curve of your pal snaking around in the water. I love the fog – glad you took a chance and got out there, despite getting soaked. Great shots!

    • I stayed just long enough to get that S shaped shot and the overall view. The rain had just started and within two minutes it was pouring. I ran back to the car with the camera under my T shirt hoping I wouldn’t fall. Heh heh 🙂

  2. I guess he doesn’t mind getting wet. 🙂 Great pic of that open mouth. Hasn’t he ever heard of teeth whitening? Love your last shot. It gives me more of an idea of where you spend your waking hours. 😀

  3. Love that last shot, too, for a sense of where you spend your days! Hoping the camera didn’t get wet, but lovely shots worth getting a bit wet for.

    • Glad you enjoyed seeing the more overall view. I tucked tthe camera under my shirt and ran when the sky opened up on me. Good to find out I could still run a bit if I had to.

    • The rain happened very fast and I’m sure our gator friend barely noticed if at all. At one point I was the only person (nut) out there so it was just me following the big guy as he went about his business.

  4. So grey – so different from so many of your shots! Just for once, I can feel a bit smug, as our weather here is sunny and really warm, as opposed to this! I’ll make the most of it, as it doesn’t happen very often!

    • This weather is incredibly unseasonable for us, almost a solid week of grey rainy days. Bad week to pick if you were a tourist on vacation.
      Good to hear you have the sun which I know always makes our gator friend happy.

  5. Love the extended view. Gives an idea of the greater marsh. He’s a clever guy, scooping up small fry like that.

    • Glad you liked the wide shot, I should do more like that.
      I can always tell when he is catching small stuff because he chews and gulps with his mouth under water. If he catches anything big he will lift his head up and out to swallow it down. Smart guy.

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